Thank you, Dallas!

We had such an amazing evening on Sep 23rd, at the opening reception of Mussavir Curated Art’s first ever exhibition of Pakistani art in Dallas. What an amazing city this is! Thank you Dallas, for loving art, for supporting it, for showing up and for making it such an enjoyable evening. We couldn’t have done […]


Developing the logo

raashid seyal

Developing the logo was such a fun process. Once I had got it in my head that it had to be the Diwani Jali script, began the task of explaining what was in my head to Raashid Seyal, a calligrapher based in Multan, Pakistan. I’m so grateful to him for doing such a superb job of translating my ideas onto paper and giving me exactly what I wanted.


Heat and Hospitality in Hyderabad


It was another sweltering hot July day when we visited Hussain Chandio in is studio. But the hospitality and kindness we were shown made up for it. It was fascinating to see the canvases at their very inception and to learn the process involved in getting from there to the finished composition.